Cardboard VR Glasses [Gen 2]


Experience the new world of virtual reality movies and gaming with the latest cardboard glasses.



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This is the Gen 2 version so they now come with the interactive touch button, stronger construction and more importantly improved lenses for a larger field of vision. The Gen 2 also caters for larger phones compared to the V1.0, allowing you to use phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7. It also comes with a suction pad to securely mount your phone to help prevent it falling out.



This will work with most smart phones that work on both IOS and Android. Simply place the phone in the holder, run your chosen App/game/video and immerse yourself in a whole new world! This model comes with a cut-out section on the front flap to allow you to use your camera for AR-style games and apps that use this function.



This model now comes with the universal touch button; allowing you to navigate your way through your VR experience with ease. The foam button is coated in a conductive material that will operate the touch screen function of your phone. This replaces the old magnetic button on older versions that won’t work with many phones, including iPhones.


Quick Start

Unlike other models, this comes pre built! Simply remove the protective sleeve, fold and attach the flaps to the Velcro pads and then attach the comfy headband. Then simply run your chosen app and place your phone in the holder. Easy!