tec+ EXPEDITION 2in1 Travel Charger and Power Bank 3000mAh



Sometimes one product function just isn’t enough. Especially when you are looking to save weight and space in your luggage while on the go. Well we might just have the perfect solution for you!

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On Tour

This charger allows you plug in your USB device while travelling across Europe, visiting the States or simply on the move around the UK (and any other country that use the same plug type). The charger comes with built in US type pins that fold out. There are then 2 extra adapters that simply slide onto the charger for use in the UK and Europe.

Extra Power

Being able to charge your device when you have access to a mains socket is great. But what about when you are out exploring somewhere and you can’t plug in your device? This is where the tec+ Expedition charger is more versatile than the standard travel adapter. This has a built in 3000mAh power bank; ideal for giving your smart phone one full charge, a healthy boost for your tablet or even extra charge for your action camera. You can charge the power bank at the same time as charging your devices, then simply keep this with you when you set off on your journey so you won’t miss that emergency phone call, or miss out taking a photo of a unique memory. Once fully charged, it has a long stand-by time so you don’t have to keep charging it if not used. Plus, you can press the little button and the LEDs will show you roughly how much charge is left. Just make sure you do this before you set off!


You can use this charger on a huge range of devices! This includes Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and many more. Simply plug in your USB charging cable to connect your device. Plus, we have even included 2 USB ports so that you can charge 2 devices at the same time. Handy, eh? The 1.0A port is ideal for phones and the 2.1A port is set for tablets (as they need a little extra boost to get going). And we have even drawn little pictures next to the ports so you know which one does what.


Tech Spec

Here are a few bits of info for those that want to know:

Travel Adapter with built in US pins and 2x pin adapters (UK and Europe)

Power Bank Capacity: 3000 mAh

Output : 2.1 A shared

Input/Output voltage: 5 V

Battery type: Li-ion 3.7 V

LED indicator lights to show remaining charge

Built in torch feature